Feng Shui Your Pain Away – Victoria Voxxx & Emily Right

Emily Right walks into the massage parlor for her massage. Masseuse Victoria Voxxx greets her and, focused on Emily’s relaxation, asks her if there is anything about the space that she can change to make her more comfortable. Emily looks around the room and mentions that she would definitely change the table which is ‘stifling the energy in the room.’ She walks over and tries to move it, hurting her back in the process. She yells out in pain and Victoria rushes to her side to help her. ‘Oh you poor thing, are you ok?’ says Victoria. ‘I think I hurt my back,’ says Emily. Victoria tells her she’s gonna have to take a look at her back, she just needs her to walk to the massage table with her. ‘Can you do that?’ Victoria asks. ‘Yeah, I think I can manage’ Emily replies.

Emily peels off her shirt and Victoria feels around her back, but can’t seem to pinpoint the problem. ‘Let’s take off the rest of your clothes and have a closer look.’ Emily willingly agrees as Victoria helps her undress. She lies back down on her chest as Victoria oils up her hands and gets to work. As Victoria runs her hand down her back, Emily asks ‘You know about the energy centers of the body?’. ‘Of course I do, I studied ancient medicine and learned all about it’ Victoria responds.

‘As long as we can get the energy flowing again, you should be able to walk out of here today,’ Victoria says. ‘Wow….ok…that’s awesome…I mean whatever you think works I’ll do,’ Emily says breathlessly. Victoria massages Emily’s body as she oils it up. When she starts massaging her ass, Emily asks what she’s looking for there. Victoria says that ‘your chi is stuck in the sacral chakra and needs to be released’. ‘Why don’t we turn over so we can have a look’ Victoria suggests and Emily turns over to lie on her back.

Victoria runs her hands on her chest saying that her ‘solar plexus chakra isn’t as congested’ but needs work nevertheless. When Victoria runs her hands over Emily’s pussy, she starts moaning. ‘I can feel the energy running through me,’ says Emily. ‘Of course you can, you’re sensitive to the energy of the universe that courses through your body,’ Victoria says. She lowers her soft tongue to Emily’s wet pussy. Victoria is about to introduce Emily to some chakras that she never even dreamed existed.

Marathon Massage – Valentina Nappi & Avi Love

Avi Love stumbles into the massage parlor. It’s clear from her face that she’s in pain. When the masseuse, Valentina Nappi, asks her what happened, she replies that she hurt herself training for a marathon. Valentina helps her to a chair and fetches her a bottle of water. Avi promptly gulps it down and tells Valentina she needs her help. Valentina says she’ll do ever everything in her power to get her better. Valentina helps her up, puts Avi’s arm around her neck and helps her walk to the massage room.

Once they arrive at the massage table, Valentina asks Avi if she needs help undressing. Avi replies that she can certainly use the help, she’s in way too much pain to do it herself. Valentina starts undressing Avi. She does this slowly as she enjoys the view. When Avi is completely naked, she puts her hands on Valentina’s back.

She moves her hands up and down sensually. By the look on her face, Valentina is having the time of her life. By the look on Avi’s face, it’s obvious that the way Valentina is massaging her is exactly what she needed. She works on her shoulders and runs her hands down her back. When Valentina starts working on her ass, Avi asks her what she’s doing. Valentina reiterates that everything is connected in the body. When Valentina asks Avi if she feels a bit better she confesses that she does feel a little better. Valentina moves her hands back to Avi’s back to appease her and then asks her to turn around.

Avi lays on her back as Valentina starts massaging her breasts. Avi tenses up and Valentina has to remind her that if she doesn’t learn how to loosen up she’s never going to get better. Avi starts settling into it and Valentina starts playing with her nipples. When Valentina asks her if it feels good, she nods in agreement.

When she moves her hands down to her stomach and gets close to her pussy, Avi tenses up again but Valentina isn’t going to let that stop her from playing with Avi’s pussy. She reminds her again that she needs to relax as she plays with her pussy. Avi starts breathing heavily indicating that she’s getting really into it. Once she starts finger fucking her, Avi voices that she feels so much better! This leads to passionate sex with lots of pussy eating and tribbing as Avi repays Valentina in kind for fixing her back. When they finish each other off, Valentina asks Avi how her back feels. When Avi tells her it’s not 100%, Valentina responds that they should probably book another appointment next week.

Mother Daughter Bonding – Silvia Saige & Joseline Kelly

Silvia Saige walks into her living room to ask her stepdaughter Joseline Kelly what she’s up to. Silvia’s had a long day at work and wants to know how her day at school went. Joseline looks at her and responds in a bitter tone ‘What do you care?’ as she plays with her cellphone. Silvia walks towards her and sits down on the couch next to Joseline. With a sympathetic voice, she tells her that of course she cares about her. Joseline responds that if she cared so much she would have shown up to her cheerleading practice. Joseline knows full well she had to work that day and will come to the next one, Silvia retorts. Joseline exhales loudly and responds ‘whatever’ dismissively. Silvia shrugs her shoulders and gets up to leave the room.

A little later that day, Silvia approaches Joseline, who is in the living room sitting on a massage table and studying for a class. Joseline sighs and turns away from her, pretending to be immersed in her book. Silvia sits down next to her asking her what she’s reading. It’s for school says Joseline. Silvia says ‘I figured it’s for school honey but what subject is it specifically?’ Joseline rolls her eyes and says she takes an online massage class. Silvia asks her when she started studying that. Joseline retorts that it doesn’t matter since she can’t help her. Silvia asks her what kind of help she needs. When Joseline blurts out that she needs someone to practice on. Silvia volunteers immediately. Joseline is surprised and asks her honestly if she’s really willing to help her. Silvia tells her that she really means it and would do anything to help her. ‘Anything?’ Joseline says pensively. Silvia repeats ‘Anything’

Silvia, eager to get in her daughter’s good graces, quickly strips off her clothes and jumps up onto the massage table, lying face down. Joseline pours oil on her hands and starts massaging Silvia’s naked body. Her mom is loving the massage, moaning softly. As her hands begin to massage Silvia’s ass, Joseline can’t help but bite her lip and compliment her mom’s curves. Silvia thanks her softly, telling Joseline that she’s really helping her glutes since it feels so…tight back there. Joseline seems hypnotized and can barely tear her hands away from Silvia’s glistening ass, but eventually and with some difficulty she does, asking Silvia to turn over. Seeing her mom’s gorgeous body stretched out in front of her, Joseline is dumbfounded. She quickly snaps back to reality and begins massaging Silvia’s front side, starting with Silvia’s long legs, before moving on to her stomach and eventually her ample breasts. As she lovingly massages her mom’s wet tits, Silvia becomes more and more relaxed while Joseline becomes more and more turned on. Finally, Joseline has to say something, shyly asking her mom if it’s weird that she thinks that her tits are really hot. Silvia sits up, tenderly telling her daughter that that isn’t weird at all. If Joseline thinks her tits are hot…she should try her lips, Silvia says lustfully. Joseline leans in, kissing her mother sensually. Abruptly Joseline pulls away. She has second thoughts and feels like this is strange. Silvia reassures her, reminding her that she’s only her step-mom, so there’s no reason to feel strange. They resume their kiss as Joseline takes off her clothes. Silvia grins at the sight of her daughter’s cute little ass. Joseline begins to lightly stroke her mom between her legs before lowering her juicy lips to Silvia’s dripping pussy and licking passionately. Before long, Silvia is returning the favor and giving Joseline a kind of pleasure that she’s never experienced before, eager to show her just how strong a mother-daughter bond can be.

Inspection Gone Wrong – Bridgette B & Christy Love

Buxom health inspector Bridgette B walks into the massage parlor, looking preoccupied and annoyed. She looks at her watch and sighs. Petite masseuse Christy Love walks into the room apologizing that she kept her waiting. Bridgette stares at her with a look of disdain and reminds her that their meeting was for 1 o’clock sharp and no later. When Christy responds that it’s 1:02 pm, Bridgette just blankly stares at her and then starts looking around stating that her place of business looks like a mess. Christy tries to explain that she was just tidying up, but Bridgette cuts her off, telling Christy that she’ll have a look at the back if that’s not too much trouble for her. Christy motions her to follow her and Bridgette just walks past her scoffing.

In the back room, Bridgette looks around and rolls her eyes; it’s a mess! Christy tells her she was in the process of cleaning her place because they’ve been busy lately, but Bridgette just looks at her, prompting her to stop talking. When Christy finally shuts her mouth Bridgette reminds her that they booked this inspection two weeks ago and she has had plenty of time to prepare. In response, Christy meekly says that she wished she had more time. Bridgette looks at Christy right in the eyes and offers her an ultimatum: what is she willing to do to pass this inspection? Christy says she’ll do anything, she’ll even have sex with her. Bridgette looks surprised, she was just hinting that she wanted a massage on the house! But sex is even better. The masseuse is relieved, she can give a massage on the house. But it’s too late! Now that Bridgette knows sex is an option, she doesn’t want just a massage anymore… although she’s taking that, too!

Bridgette lifts her skirt, revealing her shaved pussy. Climbing up onto the massage table, she spreads her tanned legs and motions for Christy to start. Christy begins to eat Bridgette’s pussy enthusiastically. Before long, Bridgette is convulsing in ecstasy, grinding her pussy on Christy’s face as she cums intensely. Bridgette congratulates her on a good job and reminds her that it’s massage time. Bridgette takes off the remainder of her clothes, unveiling her spectacular tits. She lies down on her chest as Christy pours oil on her back, expertly massaging the health inspector. Bridgette prompts her to give her luscious ass some attention. Christy does what she’s told, working Bridgette’s firm bottom. When she flips onto her back, Christy makes sure not to miss an inch of Bridgette’s massive breasts, pouring oil on them as she squeezes them eagerly. Soon Christy decides that it’s time for her to get naked too to make sure that Bridgette gets the best service possible, and her clothes fall to the floor. Bridgette is impressed by the masseuse’s tight body. As Christy climbs up onto the massage table and kisses Bridgette’s tits slowly and delicately, the inspector directs her to go…lower. Christy moves down between her legs and begins to lick Bridgette’s pussy again. Christy may have made the inspector cum once already, but Bridgette is about to show the masseuse that for her to pass the inspection, her work is just beginning…

Parent-Teacher Intervention – Chloe Foster & Mercedes Carrera & London River

Chloe Foster enters her house, keys jangling in hand, and is about to head to her room when she stops short. In the room facing the hallway, waiting side by side with their arms crossed and impatient looks on their faces, sit Chloe’s teacher, Mercedes Carrera, and her step-mother, London River. ‘Uh oh, this can’t be good,’ Chloe mutters as she begrudgingly makes her way to join them.

After Chloe sits across from the two stern-looking older women, London is the first to speak up – imagine her surprise when she got a call from Mercedes saying that her step-daughter was in danger of failing her Health & Fitness class! She invited Mercedes over for coffee to apologize for her daughter and to discuss the details, and it sounds like Chloe’s been skipping classes lately?

Chloe rolls her eyes belligerently, it’s a bogus class all about new-agey stuff like healing crystals and reiki and a bunch of other pseudoscience. Mercedes looks a bit uncomfortable as Chloe describes how fake all that stuff is, and London tries to apologise for her daughter’s lack of tact. Mercedes says it’s quite alright, she knows not everybody believes in alternative medicines – but she’s shaped the course to cover different health practices from all different cultures and religions, and even if her students don’t believe in all of it, it’s important for them to still learn the course material.

London steps in to point out that it’s also not going to look good on Chloe’s college applications if she’s skipping classes and failing classes. Mercedes starts explaining that while Chloe was away, the biggest thing she missed was the section on massage therapy, and that all the students learned the basic techniques for how to give massages. ‘Ooh,’ London interjects, ‘that sounds fun! Chloe, I can’t believe you didn’t want to learn about this!’ Chloe rolls her eyes, but Mercedes riffs off of London’s enthusiasm. She explains how the students had several days to learn and practice the techniques, but since she has to condense everything into one lesson, it would probably be easiest to just show some examples and then have Chloe copy what she’s doing. London perks up, and volunteers to be their practice patient. Chloe is still uncertain, but if it’s between this and failing high school… She reluctantly agrees and the trio moves to a portable massage table.

Mercedes makes note that in real massage situations it’s better to rub bare skin so the clothes don’t pinch or scratch the patient, though of course in class everybody kept their shirts on. London volunteers to take hers off if that would help the lesson – they’re all women here after all. Chloe’s embarrassed as Mercedes instructs London to lie on her stomach, and then explains some basic massage principles to Chloe. As she explains, she provides some visual demonstrations of some different techniques to use on each bodypart. Chloe then tries to copy the techniques, and Mercedes gives her additional feedback and instructions as they go along.

After more back massaging, Mercedes suggests that they turn to London’s front. She mentions to them both that the weight of women’s breasts can add a lot of strain to the back and chest, especially without ample support. Mercedes then applies some light massage techniques on and around London’s breasts. London remarks that she had no idea she was keeping so much tension there but she notices it now. Mercedes instructs Chloe to copy the breast massage techniques she showed her, and Chloe seems a bit unsure. ‘I mean, she’s my step-mom, it’s a little weird, no?’ But London assures Chloe that it’s all good, especially since it’s for the practice.

Chloe starts massaging around her mom’s breasts, but she does a poor job and Mercedes jokes that she looks like she’s more grabbing and fondling them than massaging them properly. She shows Chloe the techniques again, and they take turns repeating the massage motions on London’s breasts until Chloe has gotten the techniques right. Throughout this, London seems to be enjoying it more and more, mmm-ing and moaning.

Then Mercedes moves to massage London’s pussy, which has London moaning louder by the second. When Mercedes says it’s Chloe’s turn, Chloe hesitates, not feeling comfortable with applying that kind of technique on her step-mother. Mercedes says she completely understands and strips down, insisting that Chloe can practice on her instead! London cheerfully insists that Chloe get naked, too, to save her clothes from the oil…

Mercedes lays on the massage table while Chloe starts applying the sensual rubbing techniques to the her pussy while London rubs her breasts. When Mercedes suggests massaging her pussy with her mouth, it’s too much for Chloe. London laughs and says she’ll do it since she experimented some in college, which makes Chloe groan with embarrassment. Mercedes eagerly agrees and lays back to have her pussy eaten out by London while Chloe massages her breasts. After a bit of fun, Mercedes insists that it’s Chloe’s turn to enjoy the techniques, showing her that a parent teacher intervention doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!

Marital Problems – Britney Amber & Jade Nile

Britney Amber walks into the massage parlor looking frustrated. She just got into a fight with her stupid husband and really needs to unwind. Britney exhales loudly showing she’s visibly stressed. Jade Nile, the masseuse, states that she can service her immediately if she likes. She asks her to follow her to the massage area so they can begin. Jade asks Britney to take off her clothes but before Jade can turn around, Britney is getting naked as she vents. Jade is taken aback at how forward Britney is and how comfortable she is stripping in front of her. She explains how her husband is a complete asshole and that she’s always been curious what it would be like to be with a woman. She asks Jade if she’s ever been with a woman. Jade giggles and admits that she has had some…experiences. Britney retorts that she’s always curious about girls but never took the plunge. She kissed a girl in college but that’s the extent of her experience. When Britney asks Jade to tell her about her lesbian experiences, she tries to ignore the question. Britney asks Jade if she’s making her uncomfortable. Jade smiles, saying she just wants to keep things professional. Jade oils up her hands and starts massaging her back as Britney continues to vent. She talks about how her husband never picks up after himself and how she always has to clean up after him.

Jade massages her lower back as Britney tells that it feels really good. When Jade hands gets close to Britney’s ass, Britney tells her to go lower. When Jade starts massaging her there, Britney starts moaning telling her that it feels amazing.Jade asks Britney to turn around and lie on her back. She starts massaging her tits as Britney moans louder making it obvious to both of them that she’s really turned on. Britney takes her hand and puts it on her pussy saying that her husband doesn’t even pay attention to her anymore. Jade tells her that normally she doesn’t do that here as her salon is strictly professional, but she does want to make Britney feel good. And she knows just the spot, she says as she begins to massage Britney’s pussy. Britney moans loudly, loving it. Pretty soon, Britney’s pussy is soaking wet and Jade is on all fours, her face deep in it, ready to do anything it takes to make her client forget all about her marital problems.

Truth Or Dare Massage – Riley Reyes & Judy Jolie & Scarlett Johnson

Three teenage girls, Riley Reyes, Scarlett Johnson, and Judy Jolie, are having a playful pillow fight in their underwear, giggling and enjoying themselves. It’s all fun and games between the girlfriends, although a truce is called once they’re worn out. As they settle, Riley suggests that they play a game of Truth Or Dare since that’s always a party classic.

The three friends warm each other up by giving each other simpler truths and dares centered around their crushes on boys. Judy admits to liking a guy named Alan while Scarlett is dared to actually send a text to her crush named Michael. Then Judy ups the ante by taking a topless picture of herself and posting it to her social media, thanks to a dare by Riley!

Given how sexy their truths and dares are getting, Riley and Scarlett are both surprised when Judy simply dares Riley to give her a massage. Since it’s a super easy dare, Riley sidles up behind her friend and starts massaging her shoulders and back. Judy melts into the touch, almost in a trance. Seeing how into it they are, Scarlett laments that she’s jealous — she’s the birthday girl, so where’s HER massage?

Riley and Judy playfully agree, teaming up to give Scarlett a sensual massage. Scarlett’s really into it, even as it turns more intimate. It feels so good to have her friends’ soft hands all over her body, especially her perky breasts. When Riley suggests giving her a happy ending as a special birthday gift, Scarlett doesn’t hesitate to spread her legs wide open, showing that her tight pussy is ready! Her friends then happily dive in, giving her the best birthday present ever.

Here For A Friend – Quinn Wilde & Penelope Reed

Masseuse Quinn Wilde greets Penelope Reed, who is sitting waiting, thinking she’s a client ready for her massage. Penelope says that she’s actually waiting for her friend. When Quinn asks if she’s talking about Emily, Penelope smiles and says yes. Quinn informs her that her friend actually left just 10 minutes earlier with a guy, which annoys Penelope. Quinn asks if she wants a massage since she has free time now… on the house since the masseuse feels bad. Penelope agrees and follows Quinn to the massage area.

Quinn instructs that she can go ahead and get undressed so they can begin. Penelope hesitates and ask if it’s necessary to get undressed, and Quinn explains it’s so that she can use the massage oils on her. Penelope then undresses and lays down on the massage table, ready for her massage.

Quinn asks if there are any problem areas Penelope would like worked on, and she answers that that’d be her lower back and arms. Quinn starts working her shoulders and moves down to her back. Quinn tells her that Penelope seems to be holding a lot of tension in her lower back. She works in thoroughly and she gets really close to her ass. When Penelope asks her what she’s doing, she says there are a lot of knots here and she’s just trying to work them out. She works on her legs and then asks her to turn over.

When Quinn oils up her tits and Penelope starts to squirm, Quinn asks if she’s okay, which she says she is. Quinn continues massaging her tits and Penelope can’t deny how good it feels. She then requests that Quinn start working on her lower half. Quinn massages down to Penelope’s pussy and Penelope writhes with pleasure, encouraging her to continue. Although she was nothing but professional before, Quinn can’t resist helping Penelope relieve ALL her tension once her client shows that she’s into it. Their bodies crash together as they passionately kiss, eat each other out, and trib themselves to orgasmic bliss. Sweaty and breathless, Quinn admits that she’s kind of glad that Penelope’s friend left her because now Penelope’s all hers!

Hesitant Housewife – Brett Rossi & Kenzie Taylor

Brett Rossi walks up to the counter of the massage parlor and is greeted by Kenzie Taylor, an old friend who she hasn’t seen since school. Surprised to see each other, they greet each other warmly. They both seem eager to small talk except when the masseuse asks Brett how her husband is doing, she rushedly says he’s fine and then asks about how the parlor is faring these days. Kenzie clearly notices her changing the subject but chooses not to say anything. Eventually, the subject gets on to Brett’s back being sore. It’s so stiff that she needs a good…pounding. She was hoping maybe Kenzie could help her. ‘Of course!’ Kenzie exclaims.

Kenzie leads her friend to the private massage room and instructs Brett to get undressed, explaining that she doesn’t want to get any oil on her clothes. Brett takes some time alone to undress and look around the room with curiosity before settling down on the bed. She places the towel over her, but she doesn’t do a great job of positioning it to cover everything and so some of her ass and pussy is peeking out at the bottom of the towel. Kenzie knocks gently on the door and Brett says softly to come in. Kenzie enters and starts preparing for the massage. When she rounds the table to stand behind Brett, her eyes go straight towards the towel not-quite-covering Brett’s private areas. Kenzie raises an eyebrow – could it be that Brett is trying to hint at something? But she shakes her head, no, of course she’s married so that can’t be it. ‘I’m just going to adjust this slightly,’ Kenzie says as she pulls the towel down to properly cover up her friend’s private areas, and then gets started on the massage.

As the massage goes on, Brett is really loving it. Nobody touches her like this. Dreamily, she calls it positively orgasmic. Brett says how great it is to have a good, experienced woman handling her. She recounts to the masseuse how the last time she received a massage it was from a gorgeous woman. ‘Oh, is that so?’ Kenzie plays coy, flipping Brett over to massage her perfect tits. Kenzie sees how much Brett is enjoying it and decides to take the hint, moving her hand lower to caress Brett’s pussy. But to her surprise, Brett freaks out. ‘What are you doing?!’ she gasps and sits upright. Kenzie apologizes in a panic – she’s so sorry, she thought for sure Brett was coming on to her. ‘What?!’ Brett says. ‘How on earth did you get that idea?!’ Kenzie explains that it seemed she was dropping hints all over the place – the misplaced towel, all the talk about preferring the touch of a woman’s hands… both of them are mortified, it seems like Brett was talking about massages the whole time after all. ‘What about when I asked you about your husband?’ Kenzie eventually asks, ‘You seemed to want to change the subject pretty fast.’

Brett sighs. Well at least that part was true – she and her husband have been going through a rough patch ever since he got a promotion, and he’s been so stressed out all the time. She can’t remember the last time they were intimate together. Kenzie suggests that maybe she DOES need the touch of an experienced woman in her life. Brett argues that she’s not a lesbian, but Kenzie remarks that just like with the massage, nobody knows a woman’s body better than an experienced woman like herself. And Brett wouldn’t believe the things that Kenzie can do with her mouth. She could make Brett feel things she’s never felt before. Brett isn’t sure, but as Kenzie begins to lick her pussy, her hesitation falls away, and soon, the two old friends are both feeling things that they’ve never felt before.

Teaching The Rookie – India Summer & Audrey Noir

India Summer is showing Audrey Noir around the massage parlor for Audrey’s first day of training. India shows Audrey one of her favorite rooms, a beautiful, soothing room with an aquarium. When India asks Audrey where she went to school, she responds that she went to the Massage Institute. India tells her she’s never heard of it. When Audrey tells her it’s actually in Europe, India asks her which part of Europe. When she responds that she studied in Thailand, India asks her to show her what she learned in Thailand…Europe.

India lies down and Audrey starts awkwardly trying to massage her. When Audrey asks her how it feels hoping that she’s doing a good job, India comments on her strange massage technique. It’s clear Audrey doesn’t have the slightest idea what she’s doing. India asks her if she lied on her application. Audrey starts panicking, saying she really wanted the job and she’s really sorry; she’s in a tough spot financially. India calms her down, telling her it’s fine. She thinks for a moment and tells her if she wants, she’ll show her some basic stuff now. Audrey is happy and eager to learn.

India asks her to take off her clothes and Audrey doesn’t waste any time, ripping her clothes off enthusiastically. India laughs saying that it’s pretty clear she really wants this job. Audrey lies down on the table. India starts giving Audrey lessons as she massages her sensually. As Audrey gets more and more into the massage, India oils up her hands and slides them along the rookie’s body. Soon, it’s time for Audrey to practice what India taught her. As India gets naked and lies down on the table, she’s eager to feel what Audrey has learned. Audrey’s nervous, but gets right into it, massaging India’s tits. She’s doing so well and India moans with pleasure. Audrey’s hand moves lower and begins to pet India’s pussy, asking her if what she is doing is ok. India lets her know that it’s more than ok, and that part of a massage is making sure that their clients are completely taken care of. Audrey, ever the eager student, knows what she has to do, and gets to work. Before this lesson is over, this rookie is going to make sure that her teacher’s EVERY need is taken care of.

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